Up-to-date fund data. Highest data quality. Best customer service.

Mountain-View Data is the leading provider of fund and financial data in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Pension funds, banks, financial data organizations and many other institutions have been provided with our fund data for years already. Profit from our expertise – our team in Diex, the sunniest place in Austria (1,160 m above sea level), makes your investments transparent!

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Fund and ETF Database

Our high-quality and continuously maintained database of funds and ETFs contains comprehensive fund profile data, factsheets and legally required mandatory documents. The fund volume in our database exceeds over 4 trillion Euros. Close contact to over 500 asset management companies and financial products providers further enables an individual and professional customer service.

Rating Services

We rate and evaluate funds, companies and countries with focus on value preservation, performance and risk. A special feature is the consideration of social, ethical and ecological factors. Our Ratings were developed as an alternative to the common ratings on the market and they are generated and regularly monitored by an experienced expert team.

Reporting Services

We offer professional support for the fulfillment of reporting requirements of your institutional customers in Austria and Germany. We have long-term experience in the settlement of regulatory reporting obligations as well as the expertise in serving individual reporting requirements. All reporting services are based on current full portfolio holdings and we also include, as required, multiple levels of the process of our fund look-through.

Sustainability Services

We offer security and portfolio analyses oriented towards ESG criteria and based on high-quality and consistent full portfolio holdings. In conformity with our customers, our team of sustainability and data specialists generates analyses of companies, countries and funds. With our fund search engine you can find the funds that meet your specific content requirements.


Datafeed 4 Private Banking

Portfolio look-through on the basis of high-quality and current full holdings. A download of a pattern analysis is available here.
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Fund In- and Outflows

We offer a special MIZA platform that measures the in- and outflows of funds and ETF, based on a volume of more than 4 trillion EUR.
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Fund Search Engine

With our fund search enginge you can find the funds which meet your specific requirements.
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Country Screening

To rate the stability and future development of a country, our Country Screening not only considers economical and political indicators but also social, ethical and ecological factors.
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Analyzed Companies

We analyzed the most important and well-known stocks of equity funds, with a special focus on their environmental behavior, human rights violations and other negative aspects.
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Our team consists of more than 30 competent experts. Here you can find our key contacts.

MMag. Wolfgang Matzner
Managing Director

Karin Ladinig
Head of Content Management

Michael Tschas
Head of Data & Research

Katrin Londer
Head of Finance & Controlling

Michaela Aichwalder
Institutional Relations

About us

We make your investments transparent

Up-to-date fund data. Highest data quality. Best customer service.

Mountain-View Data is the leading provider of fund data in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We serve a high-quality fund and ETF database, focused on sustainability. Currently, Mountain-View engages more than 35 employees. Well-known references, intensive connections with investment companies, banks, asset managements, insurances, pension funds or provident funds and also highest data quality – that is what makes us stand out!

Mountain-View Data is the leading provider in the area of legal or individual reportings and fund look-throughs. We serve a high-quality fund and ETF database with focus on sustainability.

The company was founded in 1994 as software-systems.at and changed its name in 2017 into Mountain-View Data GmbH.


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